Management Committee

Our management committee is drawn from the body of parents and fulfil their roles on a voluntary basis. They are supported by many other parents at each weekly meet and also by age managers.


Position Name Email Address
President Phil Cholewick
Vice President Mark Exall
Secretary Julia Graczyk
Treasurer Ken Mansell
Head Coach Peter Boden;


Assistant Coach Dave Russell  
Registrar Janet Cholewick
Asst. Registrar Vacant  
Equipment Officer Paul Middleton
Track & Field Coordinator Geoff Davidson
Canteen Coordinator Vacant
Team Manager Vacant (temp – Geoff Davidson)
Records Manager Darren Smailes
Fundraising Vacant
On-Track Coordinator Vacant
Publicity & Promotion Vacant
IT Website Daniel Senti
Yearbook Editors/Designer Nat Cannon
First Aid Scott Kemmis, Amy Hardy
Trophies Vacant
General Committee Members Ian Priddle

Paul Viljakainen


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