WCLAC Championships

Towards the end of each season, the Centre Championships are conducted for all Weston Creek registered Little Athletes. These are usually held over three or four Saturday mornings (but may need later re-scheduling depending on weather conditions).

Championship points

For Centre Championships events, championship points are awarded as follows: each competitor receives one participation point per event, and the first eight placegetters also receive result points.

Final placing Final placing
1st 8 + 1 = 9
2nd 7 + 1 =8
3rd 6 + 1 =7
4th 5 + 1 =6
5th 4 + 1 =5
6th 3 + 1 =4
7th 2 + 1 =3
8th 1 + 1 =2
Other placegetters 1
Attendance Points

Points are allocated for attendance each week (to a maximum of 12 weeks) throughout the season. The maximum attendance points achievable are one third of the maximum Centre Championship participation points that can be achieved by the athlete in their age group.

For example, an Under 7 athlete has 7 championship events (assuming all are conducted) with a possible 9 points per event. The maximum championship participation points a chievable are 63 and, therefore, the maximum attendance points are 21. The weekly attendance points are one twelfth of the maximum attendance points for that age group, and up to a maximum of 12 weeks, as referred to above. (Put another way, an athlete who participates on 12 or more non-championship weeks receives the maximum available attendance points.)

Age Group champions

The age champion girl and boy for each age group is the athlete who scores the highest number of total points. The total points are the addition of the championship points (as per Table 6 above) and attendance points.


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