Age Manager

Age Managers are essential to the smooth running of age group teams. They are asked to:

  •  Organise the age group at each event and arrange for coaching and officiating for each event. Guidance on how to do this along with mentoring from others including the head coach is always available.
  • Supervise athletes’ safe movement between events.
  • Ensure times and results are recorded and tickets are handed out to each athlete. (Actual recording of achievements is usually done by another parent).
  • The Age Manager should seek the Track & Field Coordinator’s permission to change the program. This just ensures that there are no clashes or holds ups with other Age Groups.
  • The Age Manager should arrive no later than 8:30am to ensure the first venue is set up, and to
  • be available to be briefed on any need to combine age groups or on information that needs to be relayed to athletes and parents.

Please note it is a legal requirement that Age Managers hold an up to date Working with Vulnerable People card.  The process for obtaining one of these cards is daily easy and quick.  Committee members can show you what needs to be done.

To ensure that Age Managers are easily identifiable to other parents  brightly coloured bibs may be required to be worn.

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