Parent Support

For the Centre to continue operating and providing your child with an enjoyable experience, parental participation is essential.
Some of the ways in which you can assist are:

  • help marshal the athletes and escort them between events
  • assist with retrieving, raking, measuring and recording at field events
  • be one of the starters or timekeepers
  • assist with the multi-timing on the outside (circular) track
  • help supervise athletes at weeknight coaching sessions
  • become an Age Manager
  • officiate at LAACT events
  • assist with set up and pack up of equipment on competition & coaching days
  • help with the canteen and assist with the BBQ

The Age Group managers and assistants are fundamental to the success and efficient running of the Saturday morning competition.  The Age Group managers act as administrators, mentors and where qualified, coaches to the same group of athletes each week.  Each age group has a roster of activities that is to be filled by parents/ carers in conducting events.  Age Group parents/ carers are also rostered on in accordance with the Season Calendar to assist with equipment set up and return and in the canteen.

Don’t worry if you do not know how to assist, as there will be people to show you what to do and provide advice.  One of the main aims of Little Athletics is for families to enjoy a morning together and your children will love you being there.

Similarly, in relation to LAACT events, parents of children representing the Centre are required to assist in nominated positions to ensure safe and timely progress of events.  Without this support, the event may not run.

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