Welcome to the 2016/17 Season

WOW, what a start to the season we have had so far. So many new faces, and returning families to welcome back. Even the weather cooperated too.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out today, and also the returning age managers. With you all helping out, it really is a great morning out.

We have been a bit busy over the winter months and want you to see what we have been up to over Summer for our fabulous 40th year. Social media, a flash new web site, and what an amazing Olympics with some amazing performances by the local Canberra athletes.

We’ve also been looking into how to share updates and while the weekly email will remain for a while, we also have a few new options for you.

  • A club calendar that is linked to Google Calendar, so you can have it on your phone
  • We have a social media presence:
    • Facebook page which we encourage you to like and follow
    • A Twitter feed for quick updates which we also encourage you to like and follow

We are hoping that with all of this, when we get the inevitable bad weather days, that the message can be seen widely.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions, please post a comment below, or contact the committee directly. 

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