26 November: Redback Gift

This week we get back to some of our club specific events. the Redback Gift is a fun 100m handicap race for all ages. This week, all the athletes try to run their best times to get a handicap for the race. the fastest runners in each age group then selected to run in one final – which is a very close finish.

Event program

The program for the day is here with the highlighted areas marking the heats for the Redback Gift heats. Setup is rostered to the Under 6, 7 age groups and some help from the older groups (U14-17) too.

26 November Program
26 November Program
Also have a look at the calendar for training sessions – you can even set it up to link in with your phone/iPad calendar!

Working with Vulnerable People Cards

We take safety at the club seriously – so, a timely reminder about keeping your working with vulnerable people cards with you when you come to the club days. If you don’t have one yet, then the application fee is waived for voluntary clubs. Please get one as we have been advised that the club can be subject to spot checks and fines if they are not available, so also check the expiry date on yours if you have one.


Please make sure that your child or children are registered for this season – it really does matter. It is vital for our insurance coverage that all athletes are registered and paid up for the season. The only exception applies to athletes who are trying out athletics for a week or two for the first time (who need to be registered, but have a short grace period to pay).

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