We’re on for today: Competition week 2

It’s a bit of a longer programme this week due to the shortened program last week with the older age groups having 5 events. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and safety of jumping events, so be ready for a 9:00am start by arriving a few minutes early for the warm-up,

Weekly Program - 18 February
Competition Week 2 Schedule

Please arrive by 8:45am for a 9:00am sharp start. Also note that age groups U11 and above have five events scheduled this week. This is to catch up owing to last week where the program was shortened to three events owing to the very hot conditions. This longer program is necessary to get through all events required for Club Championships.


This week, the under 6, 7 and 14-17 families are rostered on for the set-up of equipment, pack away and the canteen. We welcome any assistance from other WCLAC families. Please arrive at 8:15am to ensure the program can commence on time.

ACTLAA Multi-event volunteers

If your child has entered the ACTLAA Multi-event carnival is being held on Saturday 25th (for U15 Heptathlon Only) and Sunday 26th February, your assistance will be needed for a couple of hours or so during the event. A volunteer roster will go out in the week ahead to let parents know what time and at what event they will be needed to help.



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