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The Australian Little Athletics Championship

The Australian Little Athletics Championship (ALAC) is a State/ Territory teams event for the Under 13 Age Group, and an individual multi-event championship for the Under 15 age group. Athletes will be selected by the LAACT following the LAACT Championships. Athletes wishing to be considered are required to meet a number of pre-qualification requirements. These requirements will be provided to athletes in these age groups during the season.

  • Pheobe Holland (1994)
  • Geoff Davidson (1996)
  • Kim Davidson (1998)
  • Steve Davidson (2001)
  • Katrin Boden (2006)
  • Cameron Smith (2007)
  • Murray Anderson (2007)
  • Catriona Bissett (2007)
  • James Heap (2009)
  • Sam Miller (2010)
  • Anthea Hoshovsky (2009 & 2011)
  • Lachlan Emanuel (2011)
  • Ben Aisbitt (2012)
  • Antonia Cholewick – Hurdles – (2015)

Wet Weather

The cancellation of any competition day will be decided by 8am on Saturdays or 4pm on Fridays and posted on the website, as soon as possible after a decision. Alternatively parents can call ACT Government on 132281 and ask for ground closures or 6207 5957 for a recorded message. Local radio stations will also be advised to post on community bulletin and general announcements.

Alcohol and Drugs

Weston Creek Little Athletics endorses the alcohol and drugs policy adopted by the ACTLAA.

There is zero tolerance on the consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs by athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers in the competition area during Centre organised competition. Continue reading Alcohol and Drugs

Competition Tickets and Merit Awards

Achievement tickets are awarded for each event in which an athlete competes during the club season. These tickets should be pasted in their personal performance booklet.

The purpose of this is to display the progress they have made in each event during the year. Further, upon competing in their first thirty (30) events and each multiple of fifty (50) events, athletes will be awarded a “merit achievement” badge which is suitable for sewing on their uniform or a tracksuit (an athlete can receive badges for 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, etc events competed)


Centre colours are red and black and the official competition uniform consists of a red (and black) T-shirt emblazoned with the Redback logo complemented by black shorts/skins. A red and black singlet, red and black crop top or red and black body suit are permissible in lieu of the T-shirt as official competition uniform,  However, being mindful of the Australian weather,  WCLAC requires athletes to wear T-shirts when not competing in an event.

Uniform T-shirts, shorts  and club jackets ($TBA) can be purchased or ordered from the canteen. However singlet and crop tops are not offered for sale by the Centre.

In all competition outside the Centre (e.g. ACT Carnivals & Championships, etc), the official Centre Uniform must be worn. This will include an age patch, registration number, and any current sponsor’s logo. For carnivals outside WCLCLA, competitors will not be allowed to take part in any event if they fail to comply with the uniform rules.