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This section provides parents with all the information they need to enjoy this years season with the Redbacks

Support and Advice to Children

The object of Little Athletics is for the enjoyment and competition of the children. Parental encouragement is recommended but in a friendly and helpful way. Chastising or criticising performance cannot be tolerated, as it is not in the best interest of children. The Centre endorses the following rules for parents:

  • If the child is interested, encourage them. However, if they are not interested, do not force them;
  • Focus on the effort and performance rather than on the outcome of the event;
  • Never ridicule or yell at them for making a mistake;
  • Remember that they are involved in athletics for their enjoyment, not yours;
  • Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good effort by all athletes.

Even though this year is an Olympic year.  Saturday compilations at Chapman Oval is not the Olympics!

Injuries and sickness

If your child is ill or not keen to compete, PLEASE do not send them along to compete.

The Centre has a standard first aid kit available for treatment of athletes in the event of injury and a number of trained First Aiders. For any insurance claim to be valid, all injuries must be reported as soon as possible and recorded in the register held at the canteen for that purpose. LAACT and WCLAC partly sponsors participation in accredited first aid courses.

Competition Tickets and Merit Awards

Achievement tickets are awarded for each event in which an athlete competes during the club season. These tickets should be pasted in their personal performance booklet.

The purpose of this is to display the progress they have made in each event during the year. Further, upon competing in their first thirty (30) events and each multiple of fifty (50) events, athletes will be awarded a “merit achievement” badge which is suitable for sewing on their uniform or a tracksuit (an athlete can receive badges for 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, etc events competed)


Centre colours are red and black and the official competition uniform consists of a red (and black) T-shirt emblazoned with the Redback logo complemented by black shorts/skins. A red and black singlet, red and black crop top or red and black body suit are permissible in lieu of the T-shirt as official competition uniform,  However, being mindful of the Australian weather,  WCLAC requires athletes to wear T-shirts when not competing in an event.

Uniform T-shirts, shorts  and club jackets ($TBA) can be purchased or ordered from the canteen. However singlet and crop tops are not offered for sale by the Centre.

In all competition outside the Centre (e.g. ACT Carnivals & Championships, etc), the official Centre Uniform must be worn. This will include an age patch, registration number, and any current sponsor’s logo. For carnivals outside WCLCLA, competitors will not be allowed to take part in any event if they fail to comply with the uniform rules.