Life Members


Geoff is a former athlete and long-serving member of the Redbacks community. He first joined the club as a 10 year old after his family relocated from Gosford to Canberra. Geoff became a second generation club president, when he was elected to office in 2010. Some of Geoff’s achievements include the second synthetic long jump run up, replacement high jump mats, outdoor movie nights, enhancements to competition programming, introduction of a ‘Nitro’ program.


Mr. Rod Gooding who had three sons represent as Redbacks. Rod joined and assisted with under 6 in WCLAC in Feb 96. In 1996/97 he became a member of WCLAC Management Committee / Became regular WCLAC Starter. Rod was also a representative on ACTLAA organising committee for LA Nationals held in ACT and became the club’s president in 2000-2001. Some of Rod’s other achievements included:

  • Level 1 Coaching – Jumps & Endurance
  • Developed ACTLAA approach for applying GST to registration fees
  • Designed, obtained planning approval, contracted concrete foundation & sourced glue donation for All-weather run-up tracks for jumping pits
  • Organised WCLAC work party to tow, cut, lay & glue run-up track
  • Reviewed ACT Gov design for New Shed, WCLAC achieved significant design improvements


Fiona served on the Redbacks’ committee in a number of positions, including secretary and vice-president for many years. Being highly organised, innovative and dedicated, Fiona was, in many ways, the life-blood of Weston Creek Little Athletics over 10 seasons. During this time Fiona was a key member of the team that oversaw the construction of the second synthetic long jump and the introduction of the club’s new uniform.

In addition to being a committee member and age manager to her daughter’s age group, Fiona was the Centre’s officer of officials. Fiona was also a key member of the committee which organised the Redbacks’ 35th anniversary dinner and the 2014 Southside Regionals carnival.

Fiona’s efforts and dedication to the Redbacks will always be greatly appreciated.


Russell joined Weston Creek Little Athletics in 1988 when his eldest daughter registered in the under 7 age group. A former middle distance runner, Russell was immediately dedicated to ensuring his daughter and other athletes shared in his passion and enjoyment of athletics. This later lead to Russell taking on the role of Head Coach. Russell’s strength was always his dedication to athletics and helping Weston Creek athletes achieve their best. Russell continued to demonstrate this commitment for over 10 seasons, despite facing a serious personal battle with cancer. Russell is also a qualified official and spent many hours assisting at LAACT carnivals, whilst also offering some training for our parents. Russell has always been considered the “gentleman” of Chapman Oval and is still a well respected member of the ACT Athletics community. Life Membership is a deserving honour for Russell, and we appreciate the outstanding contribution he has made for our club.


Bob Davidson joined Weston Creek Little Athletics Centre in 1992 when he relocated his family from the Central Coast of New South Wales. Bob quickly engaged himself in the activities of the club and nominated for the role of Vice-President. Bob also held the position of Track and Field Coordinator concurrently whilst Vice-President and later as the Centre President. As President, Bob presided over a number of new initiatives, including the introduction of club captains and the re-introduction of the Redback spider mascot which coincided with the Centre’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Also that year, Bob presided over the inaugural Redback Gift and Spiderback handicap races. Bob was also the brain-child of the Triangular Challenge between Weston Creek, Woden and Tuggeranong. The Triangular Challenge was previously held over three weekends, with each centre hosting a program of events. The overall champion club was awarded the Triangular Challenge Trophy. Bob also coached middle distance runners at the club ad was a recipient of the inaugural Karen Green Trophy (which was presented to the entire Davidson family). Bob’s contributions to Weston Creek were highly meritorious and it is fitting that he has been honoured with Life Membership.


Peter has been involved with WCLAC for well over 10 years staying on even after his own children had grown up. During this period, Peter held almost every position in the club. He has been President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Equipment Officer and Public Officer. Whilst President of the club he presided over the building of the current clubhouse and amenities. Peter remains a member of the 2016/17 committee and currently holds the position of Head Coach – a position he has held for many years.

Over the years Peter has been a key instigator in the improvement of ground facilities and equipment for the club assisting with all grant applications and fund-raising activities. As a result, our club has some of the best equipment and facilities in the ACT. In addition to his heavy involvement at the Redbacks, Peter has been:

  • the Track Referee for most LAACT carnivals;
  • an Australian Little Athletics Championships ACT team selector;
  • a member of the LAACT Board of Management;
  • a coach for many athletes who have achieved ACT representation.

Peter continues to be a key source of corporate knowledge within the club and his contribution to the Redbacks is very much appreciated.

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