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Season Calendar

Attached is our 2022/23 Calendar but we start again 9am on 28 January at Chapman Oval and we meet almost every Saturday at Chapman Oval.

Just come on the first week, try it out, and if you have fun, you can register after that.

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The Spiderback Gift

The Spiderback Gift is a handicap race with each age group representative starting time based on recorded to date season best times or fastest time on selected competition days for 100m (U6-7), 200m (U8) and 800m (U9-17). There are two races:

  • U6-8 200m;
  • U9-17 800m

At least two 100m, 200m or 800m times must be recorded by the Age Group representative and the winning time must be within 20% of that time.

The Spiderback Gift will start from either the 200m or 800m start and all representatives run either 200m or 800m through a modified track.

Redback Gift

The Redback Gift is a 100m handicap race run by a finalist from each age group with the finalist and handicap based either on the recorded to date season best times or the fastest heat time on the day of the Gift in 70m or 100m races. There are separate boys and girls finals.
Each competitor in the Redback Gift final will start from a mark on the track determined by handicap.  As a result, the slower age group runners run a shorter distance, and the fastest age group runner is the back marker.

The Australian Little Athletics Championship

The Australian Little Athletics Championship (ALAC) is a State/ Territory teams event for the Under 13 Age Group, and an individual multi-event championship for the Under 15 age group. Athletes will be selected by the LAACT following the LAACT Championships. Athletes wishing to be considered are required to meet a number of pre-qualification requirements. These requirements will be provided to athletes in these age groups during the season.

  • Pheobe Holland (1994)
  • Geoff Davidson (1996)
  • Kim Davidson (1998)
  • Steve Davidson (2001)
  • Katrin Boden (2006)
  • Cameron Smith (2007)
  • Murray Anderson (2007)
  • Catriona Bissett (2007)
  • James Heap (2009)
  • Sam Miller (2010)
  • Anthea Hoshovsky (2009 & 2011)
  • Lachlan Emanuel (2011)
  • Ben Aisbitt (2012)
  • Antonia Cholewick – Hurdles – (2015)