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We’re on for today: Competition week 2

It’s a bit of a longer programme this week due to the shortened program last week with the older age groups having 5 events. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and safety of jumping events, so be ready for a 9:00am start by arriving a few minutes early for the warm-up,

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3 December: Surprise week (and Christmas reminders)

This week will be a surprise, and with a¬†promise of 1500m races on a hot day, please remember drink bottles. There will also be some surprises too… like catching up with your friends ūüôā Continue reading 3 December: Surprise week (and Christmas reminders)

When we practice

Our club operates on a strong basis of parental involvement. There are so many small and easy jobs for parents to help out with.

We really enjoy the fact that all of our children get to see the benefits of their parents helping out other children and getting benefit too.

Every Saturday (weather permitting) we are out at Chapman oval from 9:00am to around 12:00pm. Our schedule is usually finalised around the end of August, or early September  every year. As soon as it is ready, it can be found on our team calendar page. We also train on some weekday evenings. These are also scheduled in the calendar so that you can synchronise them up to your smart phone calendar App.

During the Saturday sessions, the size of your age group may vary from year to year as some age groups are extremely popular and may be split into to groups.


Event and training Calendar

This year, our track and field schedule can be seen in a linked Google Calendar (below) so that this can be added directly to your family online calendar.

We will update and keep this calendar up to date and also add in any extra training sessions that we run through the week. The calendar will also contain a location link so that you can automatically get directions if you are unsure of where to go.

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