Peter Boden – 2011

Peter has been involved with WCLAC for well over 10 years staying on even after his own children had grown up. During this period, Peter held almost every position in the club. He has been President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Equipment Officer and Public Officer. Whilst President of the club he presided over the building of the current clubhouse and amenities. Peter remains a member of the 2016/17 committee and currently holds the position of Head Coach – a position he has held for many years.

Over the years Peter has been a key instigator in the improvement of ground facilities and equipment for the club assisting with all grant applications and fund-raising activities. As a result, our club has some of the best equipment and facilities in the ACT. In addition to his heavy involvement at the Redbacks, Peter has been:

  • the Track Referee for most LAACT carnivals;
  • an Australian Little Athletics Championships ACT team selector;
  • a member of the LAACT Board of Management;
  • a coach for many athletes who have achieved ACT representation.

Peter continues to be a key source of corporate knowledge within the club and his contribution to the Redbacks is very much appreciated.


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