Heat and Lightning policy

In hot weather, temperature readings will be taken at 15 minute intervals at the same location each time and in the shade.

Frequent announcements will be made when the temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius and shade and water should be made available to athletes and parents/Officials.
  • At 31-35 degrees Celsius, distance events will be postponed until conditions become cooler.
  • At 38 degrees in dry heat and 36 degrees in humid conditions, events will be cancelled or ceased until conditions are cooler.
Committee members will monitor weather conditions for the development of thunderstorms and the President or Track and Field Coordinator will decide if activities shall be suspended and make an appropriate announcement.
The sound of thunder, the sighting of lightning and in particular if the flash to bang time approaches one minute, cessation of activities will occur. The cessation will continue for thirty minutes and at any time during that period more thunder is heard or lightning observed, the thirty minute interval recommences.
At the time of cessation, athletes and Parents/Officials are to seek safe shelter preferably a large enclosed building or a fully enclosed vehicle with a metal roof and windows completely closed.

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